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Några Till .

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  1. Mar 01,  · Kockums var en legend i skogsmaskinernas barndom. Här får du möta några härliga maskiner. Detta är från träffen med Skogens veteraner i Dalskog
  2. NAGRA SNS half-track recording, 1 7/8 and 15/16 in./sec. ( and cm/s) The tape-deck is milled from a solid piece of metal and the case and lid are of drawn light metal alloy. All electronic circuits are highly sophisticated and include a voltage converter with variable ratio, and an automatic level control.
  3. The NAGRA replaces but does not obsolete the. NAGRA IV L and IV D models. It uses the same modular pre-amps, camera speed indicator, self resolver, time sync generator, automatic level control, and accessories as the NAGRA IV. THE NEW FEATURES INCLUDE: 1. .
  4. Nagra's BPS is their tiny solid-state battery-powered phono stage - with two twists. The first is that when I say battery, I mean a single disposable 9V battery. Without charger or wall connection, the BPS sits on a shelf completely isolated from the rest of the world except for the turntable input and preamp output.
  5. Fortunately, Nagra ships it with the output transformer modules packed separately to avoid damaging the amplifier during shipping. As is the case with every other Nagra product we’ve had the pleasure to own or review, no detail, no matter how small, goes unnoticed. At $16,, the Nagra p is not inexpensive.
  6. NAGRA products are designed and manufactured by Audio Technology Switzerland on Lake Geneva region. Our products cover three principal sectors: high-end Hi-Fi equipment, professional audio recorders and devices destined to security and law enforcement. Explore our universe.
  7. As I write these words, it's the height of the fall catalog season in the Atkinson household. Whole old-growth forests must have died to ensure the everyday stuffed state of our mailbox, which adds to the sense of guilt I feel as I pitch the offenders into the trash without even giving their insides a passing glance. But there are three catalogs I do look forward to receiving, that I read from.
  8. Nagra is a brand of portable audio recorders produced from in Switzerland. Since a range of high-end equipment aimed at the audiophile community wa.

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